About Us

Ancient Connections

Fragrant Reed is a literal translation of the Arahmaic name for the Cannabis Plant – “Kanneh-bossem.”  We chose this name to honor the ancient connection between humans and the beloved plant.  May our work be a respectful continuation of this healing relationship.

Fragrant Reed is a partnership between two friends who share a passion for medicinal herbs, sustainable living and community resilience.  With over fifty years combined experience in the field, we are dedicated to producing high quality, safe, effective and affordable CBD supplements.

Meet the Fragrant Reed Team

How We Grow

The CBD rich Cannabis Sativa L. (Hemp) that we grow is the result of years of diligent work by a skilled local breeder and has been selected for its excellence and suitability for Vermont’s challenging growing environment.

We grow  on small one to two acre plots in order to manage each plant with individual care and attention.

Ours is a bio-regional and regenerative approach that prioritizes respect for the land, the, plants, and the local community.

We do not use plastic drip line, plastic row covers, or chemical inputs, and we tend to our plants by hand and with heart. our plants are harvested and dried slowly in order to preserve the full spectrum of compounds within the flowers. The flowers are then hand trimmed and cured.

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